QA: Agile Trinity

This should simplify your approach to Agile management. The concept is to stay in the center 'sweet spot'. Gravitating into one state of mind has an equal effect on the Agile balance. Staying in the zone, means the client gets what they need, its built well, and project cost is competitive.

For example: Too much energy on doing the Right Thing(massive feature set?, causes time to market to suffer and it may not be done correctly so updates and maintenance could be a night mare.

FOCUS Too Much Too Little
RIGHT THING Late, Bad Qualty Wrong Function
THING RIGHT Late, Wrong Function Bad Quality
FAST Bad Quality, Wrong Function Late




QA: Scrum Basics

A down and dirty outline of what's important in the world of scrum. Whereas AGILE is a project management that focuses on 'doing the right things right - and fast', SCRUM is a framework - or process - one can employ to drive results in an AGILE direction. Let's say principle(AGILE) vs process(SCRUM) [MARKUP IN PROGRESS]

SoapUI: Groovy Scripts

Groovy Script in SOAPUI allow for reaching out to external data and return reporting elements and data

  • Open Flie/DB connection
  • Read from Excel/Database
  • Re-Name Test Steps from Excel Columns
  • Get Values from spreadsheet/database for test step(s) values
  • Use variables/properties for
    • logging
    • Renaming Test Cases on-the-fly
    • Populating Request Messages
    • Populating Response Messages
    • Resetting Test Case to default values
  • Closing Flies/DB connections

Script Logging "NEXT: : " + curTC.getPropertyValue("Symbol") ) "Test Case TearDown.." )






QA: BRD, SRS, and Test Plan

BRD, SRS, and Test Plan


The Business Requirements Document

This document outlines the Business needs that justify the development of a product, the features required to meet those needs, and how those features should look to end users. This document is not necessarily concerned with HOW to achieve the feature, only that a functionality is required.


The System Requirements Specification relates back to the BRD and provides the technical details on how to accomplish each BRD requirement.

If the BRD includes an 'Account Deletion' feature, the SRS would typically describe the Account Deletion form fields, authentication rules, and visual elements such as buttons. Authentication architecture might be described elsewhere in the SRS and only referenced in that specific section.

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