SoapUI: Project Walkthrough

Create a SOAPUI project from WSDL

  • Go to Projects in the tree
  • And select New soapUI Project


  • Give the project a name, then click ‘Browse’ and select the appropriate WSDL file.
  • Some WSDLs reference an XSD file that provides definitions to the data in the WSDL contract.





QA: Exploratory Testing

A journey through the mind of James Bach with respect to Exploratory Testing. Expect some paradigms to be challenged - and new ones arising. [MARKUP IN PROGRESS]

Eclipse: Maven & SoapUI Setup


What Is?


SOAPUI in 5 Minutes

  • Eclipse
  • New Maven Project, Next, Next
  • Filter cxf: org.apache.cxf.archetype (cxf-jaxws-javafirst)
  • Open “
  • Beans.xml
  • Web.xml
  • Cxfsample/pom.xml @ the <build> tag



  • Select an Archetype



  • Specify Archetype parameters


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