Bait And Switch: Atlassian Just Went 'Full On YouTube' on the Community that Created Them

Just some commentary on this new 'model' some group of self-annointed 'geniuses'  thought up.

I don't keep up with Atlassian internals, but this all the hallmarks of a 'sliding shit show in progress'... when the 'original guard' is replaced my the 'new guard' that rather work on 'new organization models' than features - having ZERO CLUE about the soul/essence that drew the community around the product stack.


Mutliple Eclipse Installs: How To

1. Update the Eclipse plugin.xml to a different "appName"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?eclipse version="3.4"?>
         name="Java IDE"
            name="Eclipse IDE">


2. Create a new .desktop file & reference the "appName" for StartupWMClass


Test Automation: How Programming Languages Rate

Was mulling over the C#/Java situation & couldn't find a compelling reason to use C# other than for WhiteBox Testing. It is slaved to M$ OS & ecosystem, meaning that any hardware used as a test fixture is going to have 40G of bloatware & 1000 background services running which doesn't seem efficient or advisable when consistent results are paramount.

Jumping on the web & seems to come to the same conclusion - though has a preference of Python, probably due to it being a little more lightweight. I just can't get with the syntax/format marriage. I'm not a fan of formatting being a part of syntax. I suppose it forces some standardization of coding styles, but who says that standard is the best approach.



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