Behat Mink Workbook

  • This mess of pages was created while trying to digest Behat Mink for a Drupal CMS application.
  • Given there is no real specification or API docs generally available much of this solution must be learned by trial and error, inference, and luck.
  • Class Paths & namespaces are a bit complex in the php world as the namespaces don't necessarily map exactly to folder structure.
  • For modules  - under /vendor for example - looks like the /src folder is where symphony(framework used in conjunction with composer??) assigns the 'root' for that modules name spaces.
  • Look up PSR-0 & PSR-4 PHP Standards Recommendation for details around this study. PSR-4 tries to simply the 'standard' folder architecture while allowing for some backwards compatibility. Think PHP5 -> 7 introduced a better way to manage dependencies and namespaces.
  • Composer supports the use of 'autoloader', though I presume this won't be necessary since Behat Mink will be conjured by Jenkins by CLI that allows for very specific environment settings, so autoloading a bunch of classes seems to only invite problems.