QA: Lead, Manual Tester, Automation Developer

#4. Design Phase:

This phase defines “HOW” to test. This phase involves the following tasks:

– Detail the test condition. Break down the test conditions into multiple sub-conditions to increase coverage.
– Identify and get the test data
– Identify and set up the test environment.
– Create the requirement traceability metrics
– Create test coverage metrics.

#5. Implementation Phase:


6 Best Practices with Integration Testing in CI Environments: TechBeacon


  • Integration first, until the fail
  • Then run Unit Tests to ID source
  • When Unit Tests pass again
  • Run Integration Tests
  • Bounce between the two until both are passing

QA: Test Case Example

ID 12345
Title Verify Existing User Can Login
Parent/TestSuite UserAccessFeatures
Description Login with existing user & verify application redirects to the HomePageURL & displays the UserName with a link to the user's account page
  • User is already created in th
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