Test Automation Framework Models: softwaretestinghelp.com


Though the above pictorial representation of a framework is self-explanatory we would still highlight a few points.

  1. Object Repository: Object Repository acronym as OR is constituted of the set of locators types associated with web elements.
  2. Test Data: The input data with which the scenario would be tested and it can be the expected values with which the actual results would be compared.
  3. Configuration File/Constants/ Environment Settings: The file stores the information regarding the application URL, browser-specific information etc. It is generally the information that remains static throughout the framework.
  4. Generics/ Program logics/ Readers: These are the classes that store the functions which can be commonly used across the entire framework.
  5. Build tools and Continuous Integration: These are the tools that aids to the capabilities of the framework to generate test reports, email notifications and logging information.