Linux: rdesktop


/usr/local/bin/rdesktop -d $domain -u $username -g 1270x972 -z -r sound:local -P -x l $hostname


-r sound:local sound:remote

-d $domain

-u $username

-g 1270x972




l $hostname


Mint: Setting up Sharing

Here's some steps to work with shares in Linux Mint

Create Shares on Server

m = /home/uc/drives/m
o = /home/uc/drives/o
cam = /home/uc/drives/cam


Samba Create Share

sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf ( required for samba config applet
sudo system-config-samba


Selenium: WebDriver Wait


driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);


  • creates a method that polls for a successful findElement() response every 5s - for 30s
  • wait.until(loop until no exception/false returned){
    • create an 'on-the-fly' method
      • create a FluentWait wait & set its properties
      • try findElement(By) while response is NoSuchElementFound or null
        • once true, return WebElement

requires import:


Selenium: PageObjectModel vs Object Repository

Great explanation on the difference between POM and 'Data Driven' Object Repository

Testing Drupal all but requires POM due to the challenging element selector requirements & the need for multiple actions against the element/page to access it or interact with it.

Namely CKEditor injects an iframe inside a textarea and the need for JavaScriptExecutioner to update the text() of the embedded body tag.

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