VirtualBox: Resize vdmk drive

  • Clone the vdmk image to vdi image
  • Resize
  • Clone back to vdmk

VBoxManage Commands

VBoxManage clonehd "source.vmdk" "cloned.vdi" --format vdi
VBoxManage modifyhd "cloned.vdi" --resize 51200
VBoxManage clonehd "cloned.vdi" "resized.vmdk" --format vmdk

The above will resize the hard disk up to 50GB (50 * 1024MB).


C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage.exe clonehd "C:\a\v\vm\nodes.win7\
w7.devbox2018\W7.Admin.Free.1-disk1.vmdk" "w:\W7.Admin.Free.1-disk1.vdi" --forma
t vdi

DrupalTesting: Testing Ecosystem


Product Dev-Deploy-Test Environment Ecosystem

  • Placing the Test Product in its own Jenkins Pipeline & deploying to an environment that listens for test requests allows that Test Product to be used for multiple test products & targets
  • If the listener is further extracted from the test environment, multiple Test Drones can be on stand-by, waiting for Test Execution Requests on any environment
  • Test Drones can also be configured with Jenkins Slave Nodes that parse Test Requests for Test Drones with the required test environment.
  • This allows for scaling and flexibility with the Product Under Test.


C#: 25-Class get/set

  • using getter/setters allows for logic to be used in the process
  • for gets, null checking can be performed for Singleton Design Patterns or different things can be returned based on state/value.
  • for sets, null checking & data validation can be performed on the incoming values

Object Instantiation with Property Sets

See Also:

When an object is instantiated, the values can be set in the same statement

Car myCar = new Car{Type="Honda",Price=15000};



C#: Selenium Selectors

Drupal8 Logout Link at footer ( XPath vs LinkText )

  • Had MUCH difficulty hooking into the logout link using XPATH for
  • JS window.scrollTo
  • By.LinkText(“Log out”) seems to be more accessible
  • using By.LinkText allowed Selenium to natively 'scroll to' on the 'Click()' method

Selenium basic selectors


el = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//a[@href='/uc/user/logout']"));


el = driver.FindElement(By.Id("username"));


el = driver.FindElement(By.LinkText("Log out"));

JS scrollIntoView

  • when element found by XPath(//a), this didn't work
el = driver.FindElement(By.LinkText("Log out"));
((IJavaScriptExecutor)driver).ExecuteScript("arguments[0].scrollIntoView(true);", el);


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