Linux: Direct Security Camera Comms - ( VLC )


    VLC RTSP Settings


    Receiving Images and VIdeo

    Still Images

    Still Images can be downloaded from the camera using the following:
           wget http://admin:1234@
    where admin:1234 is the username and password for the camera, and is the IP address provided by my DHCP server.

    MJPEG Video

    A video in MJPEG format can be downloaded as:
          wget http://admin:1234@
    Although this saves a file, I get errors trying to play it with mplayer and vlc.

    It does however play directly using vlc -
         vlc http://admin:1234@
    shows the video stream on the screen.  It is however very sluggish - about 1 second delay between real life and the image on the screen.

    Edimax technical support sent me some helpful guidance which suggested that the URL should be:
    This behaves similarly to the snapshot.cgi URL above.

    MPEG4 Video

    A video in MPEG4 format can be downloaded as:
          wget http://admin:1234@ -O test.mp4
    The test file plays nicely using mplayer or vlc.

    The source code for the camera provided by Edimax includes the Spook video streamer.  The spook documentation suggests that you should be able to use it mplayer quite easily, and that it uses the RTSP protocol.  Alas still no luck...

    A work-around seems to be
        wget -q http://admin:1234@ -O - | mplayer -v -

        wget -q http://admin:1234@ -O - | vlc -

    There is a delay while mplayer works out what the video stream format is, and lots of warnings about not being able to seek backwards, but it does seem to play it.
    There are less warnings with vlc, but there is a big delay between movement and it appearing on the screen.

    RTSP does work after all.  You can do:
        mplayer -v rtsp://
    This plays video and sound. On my slow netbook I found I needed to add -ao sdl to stop it complaining about the system being too slow.
    Other Devices
    The above works on the IC-3000, but other Edimax cameras can have different URLs.  For example teh IC-7000 needs: