Bash: SSH with Tunnel


ssh -L 81:remoteHost:81

ssh user@ -L 81:r192.168.0.112:81


function ssh-tunnel-112(){
        export $(grep -v '^#' .env | xargs)
        echo "ssh to .112:8081 to pi:3001"
        sudo ssh me@ -L 8081:pi:3001
echo "creating tunnel on port 81"



SSH Server ( Win7 )

1. What is SSH?

Defined in RFC 4251, SSH is a netowrk protocol that opens up a secure channel between a SSH server and a Client on port 22

Supports SFTP(Secure FTP) and SCP(secure copy).

freeSSHd Server

Installing freeSSHd Server on Windows Server 2008 R2

2. Basic Process

  1. Install FreeSSHd (SSH Server)
  2. Add User(s)
  3. Allow SSH command line access(CLI), FTP, and Tunnel
  4. Open exception in the firewall TCP, Port 22 on the server
  5. Install SSH Client (PuTTY)
  6. Configure Client and


3. Server Installation

Start the installation program by Right-Click and 'Install as Administrator'

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