E-MU PX7: Walkthrough

Instant Gratification

Playing Patterns & Songs

Playing Songs

Playing Demo Sequences

Auditioning Presets

Selecting & Quick Editing Presets

Exploring the Master Arpeggiator

Multi-Channel Arpeggiator


Basic Operations

Mode/View Buttons

LED View Select Section

Sequencer Controls

Exit Section

Real-time Controller Knobs

Trigger/Mute Buttons

Touchstrip, Transpose, Keypad

Preset Screen

Sound Navigator






Pattern Mode

Pattern Edit Menu

Song Mode

Song Edit Menu

Live Performance Features

Event Timing






Controllers Menu

Realtime COntrol Functions


E-MU ESI Sample Format


Although Emu developed SF2 format to Creative, it's not the same as ESi format. ESi format is more or less a version of the Emu Emulator III and should not be mistaken .e3b. e3b is in itself EIII Windows format, but neither ESi or EIII can read this format. Only Proteus/Emulator X and E4 Ultra family can read .e3b format.
My suggestion to convert the SF2 files to ESi format is getting EMXP and convert everything to EIII format.

Another tool that can be useful is esi-win

A Step by Step Guide for Programming Your Honda Remotes

How to Program Your Honda Remote in 9 Easy Steps

If you’ve recently bought a keyless remote entry fob for your Honda or the battery died in your existing remote, programming it is quick and easy.  There’s no need to take the remote to a dealership for programming, simply follow these 9 simple steps.

E-MU MP7: Shift Key Shortcuts

Key Combination Function
PLAY + STOP Resets Current Pattern or starts queued pattern
TAP + STOP Toggles Temporary Bar Region  (Loop) on or off
TAP + SELECT Sets Loop Start location
TAP + EDIT Sets Loop End location
TAP + REC Replace Record Mode
TAP + TRIGGER Selects the Trigger Button function
TAP + TRACK MUTE Selects Track
ERASE + TRACK MUTE Erases all Track Data on the selected track
ENTER + MIDI MIDI Panic Button (Sends All Notes Off)
(while powering up)
OS Update Mode

E-MU Proteus 2000 Series Expansion Sound ROM Guide EMU

Here is a rough guide to the E-mu Proteus 2000 series Expansion Sound ROM's.

Updating for 2015. Guide prices here to help. Including ROM Part Numbers where available.

Pricing and value must be realized due to technological advances especially with regards to software instruments.

The original Composer sound set is now available in software. The FREE proteus VX software synth includes the entire composer sound set! this should make anyone pause for thought before buying a proteus 2000! Proteus LE bundled with the E-mu Xboard controllers also includes this sound set. The Composer sounds also come with ALL versions of E-mu Emulator X.


E-MU MP7: Prodatum

prodatum online manual

for prodatum v2.0.x, updated 2015-01-13


All preset editing made in prodatum is done in the edit buffer of your device (volatile memory that basically has an unlimited amount of program-erase cycles). To keep your changes, you have to Save the program (write the program to the non-volatile flash memory. Technically, a preset dump is uploaded).

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