PHPUnit-Webdriver: 02 - Composer Conflicts adding drupal-extension

Ran into errors trying to install drupal/drupal-extension due to symphony/process 3.4.1

  • wiped some dependencies
  • installed drupal-extension
  • then added guzzlehttp & facebook/webdriver


Previously Installed

phpunit 7





drupal/drupal-extension throwing errors for symphony/process 3.4.1(?)


backed out






then installed





all ok




Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.

PHPUnit-Webdriver: 00 - Initial Setup


PHP: Locate installation Directory

php --ini


<?php phpinfo(); ?>
// prints e.g. 'Current PHP version: 4.1.1'
echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion();



If you are using the PHP CLI, then try using theese shell commands (i'm assuming that you are using linux here)

which php - will locate the php executable (this should be the default php used by you)
whereis php - The first path displayed will be the location of the php executable
echo $PATH - will print a list of paths separated by ":" where the system looks for commands







Behat Mink: 000 - Blocking Issues in Mink for Drupal

  • Mink is probably a great tool for basic websites that don't implement a heavy back-end system.
  • Mink COULD be a winner IF
    • migrates to selenium3 webdriver
    • exposes the entire selenium3 api
    • provides a means to send XPATH directly to selenium api
      • currently catches, parses, translates, THEN sends to api
    • provides a means to send CSS directly to selenium api
      • currently catches, parses, translates, THEN sends to api

Behat front end is a solid Cucumber BDD Engine

  • Still requires a sensible & well-designed test framework to hook into
  • Design the framework around PHPUnit
  • Use Behat to provide BDD translation for feature files
  • BDD isn't test...
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