Selenium: PageObjectModel vs Object Repository

Great explanation on the difference between POM and 'Data Driven' Object Repository

Testing Drupal all but requires POM due to the challenging element selector requirements & the need for multiple actions against the element/page to access it or interact with it.

Namely CKEditor injects an iframe inside a textarea and the need for JavaScriptExecutioner to update the text() of the embedded body tag.

Selenium Webdriver's Location In A TestFramework Stack

  • A WebBrowser is a front-end to a website http server
  • A WebDriver is a front-end to a specific WebBrowser that controls interaction with a website
  • Selenium-Server is a front-end to a WebDriver that provides API calls to interact the WebDriver over HTTP
    • Theoretically, Selenium Server provides a library of actions/listeners/utils and the WebDriver provides the custom browser implementation
    • Selenium Server does nothing without a WebDriver
  • Language bindings provide a language-specific API and interface to Selenium Server API
    • The language bindings expose/translate API calls to Selenium Server
    • Available Selenium Server functions are dependent on the Language Binding
    • Language bindings can differ in their class hierarchies, API structure, and available functions.
  • SeleniumCore = Webdriver: chromedriver.exe, iedriver.exe, geckodriver.exe
  • SeleniumServer = selenium-se
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