PHP: Changing installation folder

After pushing a dev instance of drupal to a server, the admin CSS broke.

Browser Console showed *.css files that were obviously auto-generated, but no amount of browser cache clearing, CHMOD, or D8 cache clearing resolved.

Here's an excerpt from the D8 forums - with the actions that were taken noted with ***

The method that has worked for me in past is below:
There may be an unneccessary step of two , but I prefer safe over sorry.

  • If using clean urls, turn them off
  • ***if using page caching turn it off***
  • ***if using css aggregation turn it off***
  • clear you brwoser cache
  • ***clear your DB cache tables***
  • rename the folder
  • turn clean urls back on (if in use)
  • turn page cacheing back on (if in use)
  • turn css aggregation back on (if in use)

also note that if you set up a $base_url in settings.php you will have to alter this to reflect the new structure.