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Re: [SOLVED] Change window border colour on active window

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For creating a theme based on Mint-X, I copied the Mint-X directory from /usr/share/themes (the system wide themes) to ~/.themes (personal themes), and renamed the directory.
I then changed the contents of ~/.themes/MyMint/index.theme.
The theme will now be shown in the list of window themes, with its new name.
To change the looks of the theme, I edited ~/.themes/MyMint/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml.
I used Gnome Dev Center's Understanding Metacity Themes as main source of information.

After doing that, I realized both Mint and Ubuntu use Metacity themes. So I copied /usr/share/themes/Clearlooks/metacity-1 from my Ubuntu system to my Mint system.
The Clearlooks theme already has active window title bar colouring, so I did not have to change anything here. The title bar of an active window now is green (where it was orange on Ubuntu).

So, you can make your own theme, but you can also install another Metacity theme that already does what you want. is a possible source for themes.