An IT Enthusiasts Scrapbook

While this site is public-facing, it is really here as a self-serving resource to trap things I've worked on past & present. Since standing up a local instance of the Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo), most everything for the last 3 years is on my local Confluence instance. Point being that information here is assuredly 3+ years old, but is still relevant in many ways. There might be incidental 'plagiarism' where notes were captured & I am normally good about adding a 'source:' url where these might occur. This site is not monetized, so hopefully things fall under fair use. Think that about qualifies things and give perspective to what one might expect to find here. I hope something is of use to anyone out there wading through the non-stop flood of IT progress that produces more stuff to discover & use than a single lifetime could exhaust. Thanks to all those who curate their own personal repositories as they have definitely helped move things along when StackOverflow or YouTube fall short.