Bait And Switch: Atlassian Just Went 'Full On YouTube' on the Community that Created Them

Just some commentary on this new 'model' some group of self-annointed 'geniuses'  thought up.

I don't keep up with Atlassian internals, but this all the hallmarks of a 'sliding shit show in progress'... when the 'original guard' is replaced my the 'new guard' that rather work on 'new organization models' than features - having ZERO CLUE about the soul/essence that drew the community around the product stack.

I don't want my crap in the cloud - held hostage by the same backsliders that destroyed what seemed like the golden age of dev/devops tools. As disappointing as this is - there is little surprise with this move as nearly every corporate entity is nose-diving into Communism & centralized control: a despot's wet dream where they have complete control & possession of other's data & tooling - simultaneously affording them free reign to 'rummage through the panty drawer for goodies' or just going 'full on youtube' and annihilating the very producers that made the platform what it is once they identify anyone who isn't in line with mindless NPC culture or doesn't vote the way BLM or Antifa demand.

Do you hear that? Its the sound of a jetstream created by those fleeing the morons inhabiting the corner offices of Atlassian.